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Hello Everyone!  Welcome to my corner of the internet!  Here I will be posting links and such to my current projects and whatever else I feel like sharing to the masses.. lol. 

But first, who exactly is Rickmanx?

My real name is actually Rick Morris. Rickmanx is a username I gave myself years ago when the internet was just getting started. I've been a software developer for so long that I still remember in my teens, staying up late past the midnight hour, typing out programming code on my Commodore 64 fleshing out the details on my current game.  Now, at the age of 46, I'm still developing software, not only in professional life, but also in my free time. I'm always working on some new project in so there should be plenty to see! 

And if you need to reach me for some reason I check Rickmanx3072@hotmail.com regulary.

Thanks for visiting!

Ongoing Projects

Untitled Oculus Quest VR Game  
Untitled Oculus Quest VR Game (2019-)

Description: Working on learning Blender and Unity VR to create my first Oculus Quest VR game, and it's coming along nicely!


The Dead R Hungry Logo  
The Dead R Hungry (2017-2018)

Description: My 1st mobile and HTML 5 game! After the world fell into a zombie apocalypse, and everyone you knew perished, you spent a long time as a lone wolf barely hanging on to your humanity. And now, you have found a group of survivors determined to carry on and give hope to a future... But the Dead R Hungry... And they are coming... Can you keep your friends alive?

Link(s): Google Play, Itch.IO, Kongregate, Facebook SlideDB

Nerd Night Gaming Logo  
Nerd Night Gaming (2017-2020)

Description: A Website designed to not only track the current games you're playing, but also any player group sessions as well.

Link(s): http://www.rickmanx.com/home.aspx

True Balance Website Logo  
True Balance (2012-2019)

Description: A Website designed to help to bring balance to pretty much anything by ensuring that both sides have equal space to state their case with facts and evidence.

Link(s): http://www.truebalanceit.com

Older Projects

QuestMaster Logo  
Quest Master Utility (2006)

Description: Utility I designed to help to create complex quest trees for possible upcoming RPGs. Didn't get much use unfortunately.

Link(s): N/A

GameVote Logo  
GameVote (2005)

Description: Another one of my projects this was built to help the LAN fest participants at my friend's gaming shop pick which games we should play. This program was also used to help test my remote database accessing routines.

Link(s): GameVote05ClientInstall.exe

DAOC SFX Pack Logo  
Dark Age Of Camelot Soundpack (2004)

Description: Back when I played an online game called Dark of Camelot I couldn't stand the sound effects, so with help from others we developed this soundpack that replaced the original sucky sounds. This went through several versions untill I stopped playing the game.

Link(s): DaocSoundPackv1_65.exe

EQ Zone Viewer Logo  
EQ Zone Viewer (2003)

Description: Originally designed to test my 3D Gaming Engine this little gem became a major hit for the Everquest gaming community.

Link(s): EQZoneViewer-Install.exe

RStudio Logo  
R-Studio (1994)

Description: Finished designing my first full Studio package designed to help create games on computers. Included was R-Paint It(a paint program), R-Animate It(used for creating animations), and finally R-Level It(used for level designing). It was my first real major step towards software development on PC.
Note: Since this is so old the only way to run it is inside DOSBox, which you can get here! - DOSBox Install

Link(s): RStudioFiles.zip

More to come, but for now... End of Line

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